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Since our retirement and relocation to the Puna District on the Big Island of Hawaii, (where we proudly admit to being "Punatics") my artistic energies have largely gone into our new home, addition of an ohana/apartment, and our acre of land. We have planted fruit trees, built lava walls, dug holes, reclaimed the boundaries from the jungle, and developed the landscaping.

During all this rewarding, hard work, I have wondered in what way the art I had been creating (you can see some below) would transition to reflect this dynamic island life. I have doodled in an art journal as impressions arose, splashed color, scribbled images, words, half-formed raw ideas, inklings of bold color, and fractal-like geometry -- all rather abstract. So, what do I do with all these musings, particularly since it is so VERY different from the art I was creating in Humboldt County?

I have some beginning shapes now and color; it is time to play. I'll try to add some of my thoughts here, for those few who are curious. And, if you'd like to know more, you can email me.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"My Mobile Mind" -- work in process

I get these ideas that are part concept, part word, part image -- so nebulous they are hard to 'catch' -- but it is fun to try. The idea ?? a head full of ?? things that represented how the mind works. Symbols like Lock and key, letters, idea-light-bulbs, wheels, music? -- that would "float" inside the head somehow? How does our mind "mobilize" all these modalities that I can translate into art.

So what then? How do I help create that fleeting conceptual bucket full of ideas and words into some artistic expression? It is always an exciting territory to head into.

Sometimes doing so requires new materials and doing things I have not ever done before -- learning as I go. So, here I am solving that challenge making a 3-d sculpture from paper mache' and wire. How to get it strong enough to support the things I want to hang from it.

Then the idea comes that I could hang little mobiles inside the head -- a mobile mind....HAHA. My Mobile Mind! At least it's a working title.

And, I've got to get this done by 8.31.11 for entry into a competitive juried show.

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